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i-STT launches first world-class WEBCentre

Nov 2000 / Press Releases

Singapore, 21 November 2000 - ST Telemedia's wholly owned subsidiary, i-STT, today officially launches its Singapore WEBCentre™, the first in its series of world-class internet data centres the company plans to launch in the Asia Pacific region. The event, officiated by Mr. Lim Swee Say, Acting Minister for the Environment and Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, also marked the unveiling of i-STT’s global growth strategy, aimed at satisfying the growing demand of businesses for internet infrastructure and services.

In his speech, Mr. Lim Swee Say said, “With its leading edge Internet Protocol network in the Asia Pacific, i-STT aims to provide a seamless platform for the hosting and delivery of global, regional and local content for the Asian markets. This will further strengthen the position of Singapore as a leading Internet content hub in Asia.”

i-STT’s planned Asia Pacific WEBCentres will offer businesses a reliable environment to host and manage their internet-based operations. They will be fully equipped to ensure uninterrupted, mission critical e-business services through their unique systems, processes and skilled professionals. These WEBCentres are among the first in the region to provide a complete range of integrated Internet Protocol infrastructure solutions and hosting facilities. When completed by end 2001, i-STT’s WEBCentres are expected to offer over half a million square feet of space.

“Today marks an important step forward for i-STT as we can now lead the way in helping companies in Asia move quickly and cost-effectively from the ‘old economy’ to the ‘new economy’,” said Mr. Lee G Lam, President and Chief Executive Officer of i-STT. “Our global strategy, which includes the development of WEBCentres in key Asian cities, is to proactively meet growing business demand for world-class IP hosting and managed services.”

Mr. Lam continued, “i-STT’s vision is to offer an extensive pan-Asian e-business infrastructure that is globally connected and to overlay this infrastructure with a comprehensive range of value-added e-commerce services.”

The company plans to open WEBCentres in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney, Tokyo and Mumbai in the next 12 months. It also plans to subsequently launch operations in Jakarta, Manila, San Francisco and London.

i-STT currently employs 650 staff across Asia and expects this figure to increase to 1,100 by end 2001 where its WEBCentres are located in the region.

Global Growth Strategy

At the launch event, marked by the triggering of a silver arrow at i-STT’s new corporate logo, the company announced its strategic growth objectives and plans.

Besides the development of WEBCentres, i-STT will also focus on building competencies in two other complementary business areas: global network services and mobility services. i-STT aims to develop its capabilities in all three areas in order to offer an integrated range of service offerings to its WEBCentre customers.

In addition, seeking to establish itself as a major Asian IP solutions provider, i-STT will position its Singapore WEBCentre as the superhub for the South Asian region and Hong Kong as the regional superhub for North Asia. Singapore will serve as i-STT’s corporate headquarters, where the company’s global strategy, infrastructure development, and marketing and communications programmes will be developed.

“We are well-structured and positioned to meet the regional demand for internet infrastructure and related services, anticipated to increase from US$1 billion in 2000 to US$12 billion by 2005,” Mr. Lam said. “We are currently on schedule for our pan-Asian WEBCentre and internet network roll-out.”

Mr. Liew Heng San, Managing Director of the Economic Development Board (EDB) said: "The data-hosting industry is a key building block in the digital economy and i-STT's announcement today will strengthen Singapore's position as a leading global hub in Asia for the digital economy. EDB has been in close contact with i-STT, from the conceptualisation of its business plans to the launch of its superhub WEBCentres.”

Mr. Liew continued, “ We have witnessed the phenomenal speed at which i-STT has seized exciting opportunities in data hosting in the region. With its various plans to foster global and regional alliances and its full suite of value-added e-commerce services, i-STT is well-positioned to become a global player in the industry."

Global and Regional Alliances

As part of its aim to enhance its IP-based capabilities and the geographical coverage of its e-business infrastructure and services provided to clients, i-STT is expanding on its strategy of forming global and regional alliances.

“Through our alliances with leading global IT partners, our clients can benefit from products and services that are both state-of-the-art and reliable,” Mr. Lee commented. “In addition, through our joint ventures with established internet and wireless players in Asia, we aim to build an IP-based network that will offer clients seamless connectivity and consistency in the range and quality of e-commerce solutions throughout the region.”

i-STT’s global technology partners include: BMC Software, Cisco Systems, Compaq Computers, ECS, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, ONYX Software, Oracle, Sun and Netscape Solutions and Unisphere Solutions.

It has also established cross-border partnerships to build WEBCentres and roll-out Internet-based services with industry leaders including Asia Global Crossing (Singapore); Sociedade de Tourismo e Diversoes de Macau S.A. (Macau); Global Chinese Communications/Pacific Star Group (Hong Kong); Acer Group (Taiwan); Nation Multimedia Group (Thailand); and ModiCorp (India).