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Sparking an Ecosystem of Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

The unprecedented crisis of our time demonstrates the need for collective change and action across all institutions, and the irreplaceable role of trust. At ST Telemedia, trust is both a key corporate value and a strategic priority in our purpose and business proposition. Our report represents our efforts to proactively build trust with our stakeholders through greater transparency and accountability. The inaugural report covers the period from 1 January to 31 December 2021.

As we progress, we continue to assess the risks and opportunities relating to our ESG activities and impacts. We will also continue to steer this development and influence our portfolio companies to achieve a clear, concerted, and confident approach to sustainability.

Message from our President and Group CEO

As economies gradually re-open and travel restrictions ease, it is very clear that businesses have a responsibility to lead change in improving the environment for all stakeholders. We must grasp this opportunity for improved Environmental, Societal, and Governance impact. The publication of this report fulfils the promise made in October 2021 when we introduced our Sustainability Framework, and shows how we have progressed in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. 

- Stephen Miller, President & Group CEO

Environmental Stewardship

We have set targets to decarbonise our own operations and support our portfolio companies to do the same. We are committed to investing in companies that are environmentally responsible, and in addition to our desire to enable a low carbon future, we encourage the adoption of a ‘zero-waste’ mindset across our portfolio.

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Social Responsibility

Our programmes support employee health and welfare and help improve the quality of life in the community, particularly among disadvantaged and vulnerable people. We actively support our portfolio companies to live up to commitments made in the area of Social Responsibility and seek to invest in companies that promote social inclusion and cohesion.

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Good Governance

We believe that enabling responsible business practices and sound governance establishes the foundation for long-term sustainable value creation. We hold ourselves and our portfolio companies to high standards of ethics and conduct. We exercise prudent risk management practices to build resilience against disruption and cybersecurity threats.

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