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SingTel and STT Communications merge trunked radio business

Nov 2000 / Press Releases
  • New joint venture will be named DNA Comms

Singapore, 23 November 2000 - SingTel and STT Communications, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Telemedia, have entered into an agreement to merge their trunked radio service operations. The merger is carried out for the operations of SingTel Paging, a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel, and ST Advanced Radio, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STT Communications.

The new joint venture company, to be named Digital Network Access Communications Pte Ltd (DNA Comms), will continue to offer trunked radio services, a wireless communications service using handsets that function as both a two-way radio as well as a phone. The trunked radio services were formerly known as BusinessRadio and SingTel Ring, offered by SingTel Paging, and MobiTalk offered by ST Advanced Radio.

Under the new shareholding structure, SingTel and STT Communications will hold equal stakes in DNA Comms.

DNA Comms' trunked radio service has island-wide coverage that gives customers instant communications. Customers can talk to each other using wireless handsets even as far away as between Jurong and Changi. The handsets' unique features are that they allow customers to instantly reach a large number of people all at once with the 'press-to-talk' button. The handsets also allow customers to make and receive digital clear phone calls to and from the fixed and mobile phone networks.

Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, CEO of SingTel Paging, said, "The synergies gained from pooling the resources and expertise of the two companies will sharpen the competitive edge of DNA Comms while optimizing its resources and operation. For instance, the existing base stations will be reviewed and relocated and this will mean enhanced street level and in-building coverage and better services for the customers.

"Currently, this service has a wide range of users in various industries such as distribution, logistics and commerce. We believe that more companies will realize the benefits of this service that allows both personal and group communications on a single network and handset. This joint venture will result in a dynamic organization that is focused on delivering long term benefits to our customers, employees and the community.

"Mr. Tay Kiong Hong, General Manager/ Vice President of ST Advanced Radio, said, "The new joint venture company is not just any mobile communications provider. We see ourselves as an island-wide multi-service operator offering a wide range of wireless services and more importantly, an all-in-one communications solution provider to our customers. There are also plans to offer more features and new services such as mobile office and Internet on its digital trunked radio network. DNA Comms is thus, able to position our products and services differently from the rest in this highly competitive telecommunications market.

"We believe that the collaboration of these two leaders in the trunked radio business will yield advancement in the iDEN (Integrated Digital Network Enhanced) technology which will allow us to deliver next-generation products and services to our customers more quickly and efficiently. Thus our customers will benefit tremendously from our synergistic efforts."