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Ignite Enduring Change for Our Stakeholders

ST Telemedia has a simple ethos: To ignite change that endures and creates sustainable value for stakeholders. We achieve this by taking a long-term view of investments, committing capital and expertise, and actively managing our companies through cycles.

We invest in Communications & Media, Data Centres and Infrastructure Technology businesses globally.

Since 1994, ST Telemedia has leveraged our expertise, technology and innovation to create value and drive growth. We have built core platforms comprising distinct yet complementary businesses that facilitate business growth and help societies advance.

Collaborate for Sustainable Value Creation

Collaboration creates sustainable progress. Applying a disciplined investor-operator mindset, we work closely with portfolio companies and business partners to achieve growth and mutual success.

We are guided by our mission: Invest. Build. Grow. Contribute.


We monitor global macro trends and invest in opportunities presented by companies whose business models complement and add value to our capabilities.


We adopt a synergy by design and strength in diversity investment approach to build a portfolio of distinct, yet interrelated businesses to propel value creation.


We deploy capital and expertise, manage risk, and engage with our companies at strategic and operational levels to support them as they develop and expand.


We build leading platforms and create market champions that facilitate business growth and help advance societies.

A Passionate & Diverse Team

People are the backbone of our company. Our people are passionate about what we do and bring diverse experience, skills and perspectives to the company.

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