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StarHub Launches Singapore's First Solar Powered Mobile Base Station

Oct 2009 / E-Newsletters

StarHub gives Singapore its first solar-powered mobile base station (BTS) with its trial deployment of a new BTS system equipped with 20 solar panels at its new office, StarHub Green, Ubi. Located on the roof of StarHub’s main office, the environmentally-friendly, fully-operational BTS has been serving StarHub mobile users in StarHub Green since August. The company has plans to later expand the mobile coverage to the neighbourhood as well. 

Operating using solar energy, the new BTS station now rely less on utility power with approximately 58% of the power consumption driven by the solar panels. The CO2 reduction using this BTS is estimated to be about 2.5 tonnes, certainly a commendable effort in support of the green environment. This project is one of StarHub''s green projects to reduce power consumption. StarHub is also exploring ways to further expand its green projects and engage its customers to adopt a ‘greener’ lifestyle