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TW54: STT Poised to Capture Value in the Digitalisation Juggernaut
February 2019 E-Newsletters
TW53: StarHub Establishes One of Asia’s Largest Cybersecurity Firms
October 2018 E-Newsletters
TW52: STT GDC Makes Inroads Into Thailand
July 2018 E-Newsletters
TW51: STT Extends Cloud Portfolio with Bespin Global
April 2018 E-Newsletters
TW50: STT Expands Smart Technology Portfolio with Award-winning Cloud-based Application Delivery Platform
January 2018 E-Newsletters
TW49: STT GDC Continues Rapid Expansion in Key Markets
October 2017 E-Newsletters
TW48: GDS Deepens Partnership with Alibaba and Tencent
July 2017 E-Newsletters
TW47: ST Telemedia Strengthens Digital Ecosystem with Armor, The First Totally Secure Cloud Company™
May 2017 E-Newsletters
TW46: ST Telemedia Catalyses Students’ Potential with Education Awards
February 2017 E-Newsletters