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Title Date Category
ST Telemedia’s Study Awards Recognise and Encourage Academic Excellence
July 2022 Nurturing Future Generations
ISEAS Regional Outlook Forum 2021
January 2021 Sustaining Industries
ST Telemedia Funds Digital Tablets and Running of Online Course to Promote Digital Inclusion
November 2020 Enriching Communities
ST Telemedia Continues Support for Impacted Communities
June 2020 Responsibility / Enriching Communities
ST Telemedia Contributes to Lao PDR's Covid-19 Relief Efforts
May 2020 Responsibility / Enriching Communities
ST Telemedia Group Steps Up Covid-19 Response
April 2020 Responsibility / Enriching Communities
ISEAS Regional Outlook Forum 2020
January 2020 Responsibility / Sustaining Industries
ST Telemedia Catalyst Award Extended for 2 Additional Years
October 2019 Responsibility / Nurturing Future Generations
Supporting WWF-Thailand’s nature conservation efforts
August 2019 Responsibility / Enriching Communities